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Geoff Holman Presents on Intel Stage During CES 2011

Last week, I attended CES 2011 working for Intel presenting several of the new features and functions on the 2nd Generation Core Family of Processors on the main stage at their booth. Below is a clip of one of my presentations talking about Intel Quick Sync Video technology. This new technology will allow you to quickly transcode and transfer video from your camera or SD card, to your computer and a mobile device in a significantly shorter time. As we all may have experienced in the past, this process often takes quite a bit of time and uses a significant portion of the CPU’s resources to execute. Intel Quick Sync Video technology cuts this time down dramatically. As an example, during one of my presentation, I was able to take five and a half minutes of HD video from a Sony camera, transcode and transfer it to a Droid phone in one minute and eighteen seconds.

Bottom line, if you are looking to buy a new laptop or computer in the near future, you should definitely consider buying one powered by an Intel 2nd Gen Core processor. There will be many SKUs available from a variety of PC makers, so look for the new Intel logo while doing your shopping.

Feel free to contact me should you need more details about the power of this new processor family from Intel.

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