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10 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Effectiveness

To blog, or not to blog.  That is the question….

For businesses who manage every detail of their marketing calendar, they often blog by the seat of their pants and then wonder why it doesn’t yield results. Your company blog isn’t just another must-have item on your marketing list; it’s an important driver of improved branding, expanded reach, supported sales, and reduced marketing costs. Of course, the key is how well you execute your blogging tactics to support your business goals.

So, do you want to increase the overall effectiveness of your blog?  At the recent BlogWorld Expo New York, expertise spent several days talking about tactics that you can use as the basis of your blog marketing plan to acheive your firm’s goals.  Things such as:

  • Help, don’t promote
  • Planning your blog content
  • Curating your content

Applying these and other tactics to your blog marketing, you can improve its ability to yield measurable results. We need to understand that blogging is a long-term strategy that requires proactive and ongoing efforts to support achieving your business goals.

See all of the tactics at ClickZ.

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